The Family in America, a monthly periodical founded in 1987, and now available on the internet, analyzes the status of the family in this nation and time. It seeks to clarify the importance of the family in binding generation to generation, inspiring love and intimacy in the home, and fostering industry and lawfulness within the broader community. Feature essays explore issues such as: the possibility of a pro-family income tax; the misuse of child abuse laws to disrupt families; the real depopulation crisis looming in the early 21st century; the epidemic of child diseases linked to day care; and the economic pressures on young families caused by the dismantling of the voluntary "family wage."

New Research is a supplement to The Family in America. Each New Research supplement features ten to twelve readable abstracts from professional journals in the fields of sociology, psychology, medicine, law, anthropology, and history. These cast light on the vital importance of the natural family and the serious consequences that derive from its decline. Over 1,000 abstracts are available in our "members" section. It has received high praise for its usefulness to scholars, journalists, policy makers, and family advocates.


 "The Religion & Society Report": 

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The Religion & Society Report, founded in 1984, is a monthly, eight-page periodical offering uncompromising, but civil analyses of cultural controversies and public issues from a Christian framework. Issues discussed include the relationship of civil authority to the Bible, abortion and euthanasia, medical ethics, theological trends in American and European churches, religious liberty, and reports on the persecution of Christians and other faith groups in foreign lands.

In honor of the late Dr. Harold O. J. Brown, The Religion & Society Report has ceased publication.


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