Susan Roylance 

Susan Roylance has participated in over twenty-five international conferences – specifically related to the Fourth World Conference on Women, Habitat II, World Food Summit, U.N. Conference on Ministers Responsible for Youth, Earth Summit +5, Beijing +5, Istanbul +5, Special Session on Children 2001, Special Sessions on HIV/AIDS, Millennium Summit and an International Conference on Children and AIDS.  She has traveled to thirty-eight countries, and visited many orphanages and street children programs throughout the world – helping develop family-based care for orphan programs. 

Susan is a founder of United Families International, and has been actively involved in many pro-family organizations, in addition to serving as a political consultant and the CEO/Manager of Roylance Publishing. 

In response to the AIDS crisis in Africa, Susan initiated an HIV/AIDS education program for children called “Stay Alive.”  The program is now being used in 16 countries of Africa. 

She and her husband, Robert C. Roylance, spent several years doing humanitarian work in Africa (primarily Kenya and Uganda), helping rural farmers increase their income.  They are currently working with Burmese refugees resettling in Salt Lake Valley.  The Roylances first met the refugees while serving a mission for their church and have loved them ever since.  Susan is currently teaching piano lessons to refugee teenagers, and English lessons to Burmese families newly arrived in Utah.

Susan is the author of The Traditional Family in Peril, the U.N. Negotiating Guide, and Mothers and Fathers DEFENDING MARRIAGE AND FAMILY in the Halls of the U.N.

Susan was a candidate for the U.S. Congress, in Washington State, and chaired several initiatives and referendums in Washington and Oregon.

Susan writes a blog for the Deseret News – “Families around the World”.

Susan and Robert are the parents of seven children and grandparents of thirty-one grandchildren.


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