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(Rockford, IL, USA)  The IV Forum for Internet Safety will take place in Moscow on February 7 at RIA-Novosti (Russia’s leading news agency).  The Safe Internet Forum 2013 has been designated a World Congress of Families Regional Event and is being organized by the Safe Internet League, chaired by Denis Davydov.

Alexey Y. KomovWCF Representative in Russia and the CIS, is a board member of the League and a keynote speaker at the Forum.

Among the distinguished international speakers are Calvina Fay (Executive Director of the US-based Drug Free America Foundation), Dr. Judith Reisman (author of “Soft Porn Plays Hardball: It’s Tragic Effects on Women, Children and the Family”), and Jack Hanick (Director of the Fox News Channel).  Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse has produced a paper on corrupting influences of the Internet which will be read at the Forum.  Dr. Crouse is Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute and a member of the WCF Management Committee.

Russian speakers include: Davydov, Igor Schegolev (Assistant to Russian President), Alexander Provotorov (CEO, Rostelecom ) and Nikolay Prianischnikov (CEO, Microsoft Russia).

The Safe Internet League notes that in the past decade:

  • Sexual content involving children on the Internet has grown 2,500%
  • In the same period, sexual violence against children increased 3,000%
  • The United Nations reports that the United States, Russia and Thailand lead in the growth of illegal web content (promoting pornography, prostitution and drug trafficking)
  • Almost 20% of Russian Internet users are children under 15-years-of-age. More than 4 million Russian children (ages 7 to 15) have unlimited access to the Internet, 24 hours a day.
  • Close to 90% of Russian parents with children 6 to 12 years of age, are unaware of the risks associated with the Internet or how to protect their families from the same.

World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs said the conference could not be more timely and necessary: “As the father of two adolescents, I well understand the physical and psychological dangers the Internet poses to the young and impressionable minds.  More parents need to be alerted to this real and growing menace and given the tools to counter it to make the Internet safe.  We’re encouraged that our Russian friends are taking the lead is combating this “cyber-scourge” and the global threat to children and the natural family.  We are honored to designate the 2013 Forum for Internet Safety  in Moscow a World Congress of Families Regional Event.”

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