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We need your help.  It is time for me to invite your support of The Howard Center for 2009.  More specifically, I ask that you consider a gift for our fiscal year which began October 1.  Click here to make a gift now: .  The Howard Center strives to be the leading source of fresh ideas and new strategies for affirmation of the natural family, both nationally and globally.  Allow me to provide an update on recent activities here:

 The Family in America

This publication remains unique in America as articulating a pro-“natural family” worldview.  We are currently reconfiguring FIA from a monthly monograph series into a quarterly journal.  This will allow us to improve distribution of FIA into College and University libraries.  We will also introduce an electronic version for general readers, which should substantially reduce our annual costs.

Books and Articles 

During the past 12 months, our small Center has seen five books appear by our affiliated scholars:

• A new edition of THE NATURAL FAMILY: BULWARK OF LIBERTY (, co-authored by Allan Carlson and Paul Mero and appearing from Transaction Books (“The International Publisher of Record in the Social Sciences”);

•  CHRISTIANITY:  LIFEBLOOD OF AMERICA’S FREE SOCIETY (1620-1945) (, by our co-founder and Senior Fellow John Howard, and published by Summit Ministries;

•  TAKEN INTO CUSTODY:  THE WAR AGAINST FATHERS, MARRIAGE, AND THE FAMILY, by our Kohler fellow Stephen Baskerville, and published by Cumberland House;

•  THIRD WAYS, a book by Allan Carlson that examines the creation of “family-centered” economies during the 20th Century, and explains why they disappeared; it is published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute;

•  and a new paperback edition of CONJUGAL AMERICA: ON THE PUBLIC PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE, also written by Allan Carlson and appearing from Transaction books.

We’ve also been writing articles for many publications around the globe, including The Wall Street Journal, News Weekly (Australia), Touchstone:  A Journal of Mere Christianity, Världen Idag (“The World Today,” in Sweden), The American Conservative, First Principles, Intercollegiate Review, Modern Age, and The Law Journal of the University of St. Thomas.

Lectures by Center staff have also been given for The Heritage Foundation, The Sutherland Institute, The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, The International University of Catalonia (Spain), The John Jay Institute for Faith, Society & Law, The Catholic University of America, and The Philadelphia Society.  Allan Carlson is also delivering an upcoming lecture at Yale University on November 8 (see enclosed flyer).

Finally, starting this Fall, Allan Carlson is serving as a (half-time) Visiting Professor of History and Political Science at the fine, conservative Hillsdale College.  His first course is an upper-class seminar on the “Intellectual History of the Natural Family in Western Civilization.”  He is enjoying this opportunity to return to the classroom.

World Congress of Families

The World Congress of Families V will be held in Amsterdam, Holland on August 10-12, 2009 (click here for brochure:  We are working with a vibrant, young, pro-family local organizing committee in The Netherlands that is committed to help us to take the offensive during an unusual period of “conservative” power in Holland.  This Congress will bring our positive message about the “natural family” to the heart of the social left and to the unofficial capital of secular Europe.  The selection of The Netherlands was a direct result of the strategic plan (from the Bermuda Meeting) for the World Congress of Families, as adopted by our board of directors.

On July 28-29, 2008, the WCF Selection Committee met at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC to choose between five possible host countries (Netherlands, Nigeria, Latvia, Bolivia and Russia) for the right to convene World Congress of Families V.  This was our first attempt at the new strategic selection process as laid out in the Bermuda Plan, and by all accounts it was a great success.

  Per our new strategic guidelines, the recommendations of the Selection Committee were presented to the Managing Committee and officially adopted by the Committee on August 1, 2008.  We notified the participating countries on August 4th and publicly announced the selection via a press release on August 5th ( Simon Polinder and Antonia Koedjik of the Holland Local Organizing Committee are very excited and have also done a press release for the Dutch and European media.

Further showing WCF strength and influence, we now have 23 pro-family organizations who have committed $2,500 per year to partner with the World Congress of Families.  These include pro-family groups like Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, The Alliance Defense Fund and the American Family Association. Here is the link:  to our most recent copy (October) of our monthly “World Congress of Families News.”  This publication, now in its second year, is read by thousands of pro-family leaders and activists around the world.

All this comes from a small organization based in a modest city in America’s Heartland.  Far from the swollen budgets and salaries of Washington, DC, New York, and San Francisco, we remain lean and frugal.  I hope that you can help us.  Your generosity has been a special blessing over the years. We need an extra boost now to lift The Howard Center and The World Congress of Families to the next plateau.

And so, I invite you to make an investment in families, a new gift to support The Howard Center for 2009.  The future of our society depends on it.  Click here to make a gift now:

In anticipation, I thank you for your consideration. 

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence D. Jacobs

Vice President and Managing Director The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society World Congress of Families

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